The Young Offenders (2016) 7.5


Inspired by the true story of the seizure of the cocaine Ireland the largest in the year 2007, The Young Offenders is a movie comedy about the companions Connor and Jock, two teenagers of the city of innermost from Cork who dress the same, act the same, and even have a bum the same. Stash-stash. Jock is bicycle thieves a legendary that plays the game of cat and mouse every day with the Sergeant of the Guard Heater which is obsessed with the motor. When a seller ships drugs upside down off the coast of West Cork and 61 bales of cocaine, each worth 7 million euros, was seized, the news out that there’s bale lost. The boys stole two bikes and continue the journey with hope can find a bale that is missing that they could sell so they could escape from home life those who are troubled …. But Sergeant Healy was in pursuit.

Tagline: Not all plans are idiot proof

Genre: Comedy

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Duration: 84 Min


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